Waterloo Knights of Columbus Council 5135

Charity – Unity – Fraternity – Patriotism

Father Theobald Spetz

Council 5135 is named after Father Theobald Spetz, C.R., D.D.,

 a figurehead of the faith in Waterloo.

Father Theobald Spetz


May 13, 1850
 Born in Erbsville, ON
Parents Joseph Spetz (Germany) and Anna Herres (Prussia)
Younger sibling to Joseph H. and Ludwina
Older sibling to Mary Ann, Leo, Josephena, Rev. Andrew, Frances, Emma Magdelena, William, and Anna
1866 – 1870Age 16 – 20Attended Saint Jerome’s College and graduated as one of its first students
1870Age 20Enters the novitiate in St. Agatha under Father Eugene Funken
1870 – 1872Age 20 – 22Taught at St. Mary’s College (Kentucky) Prep Seminary. (Historic Place Nomination, Map)
1872 – 1877
September 12, 1877
Age 22 – 27
Age 27
Studied for the priesthood in Rome
While in Rome, ordained as a Priest in the Congregation of the Resurrection
1878 – 1883Age 28 – 33Administrator of the mission in New Hamburg, which would become the future Holy Family Parish
1878 – 1890Age 28 – 40Assists Dr. Louis Funcken, C.R. at Saint Mary’s Church, Berlin
1878 – 1901
1890 – 1898
Age 28 – 51
Age 40 – 48
Faculty member of Saint Jerome’s College
1890 – 1911
February 26, 1911
Age 40
Age 40 – 60
Age 60
Established Saint Louis Parish for $8,000
First Pastor
Farewell sermon during High Mass
1911 – 1915Age 60 – 65Assumes Pastorship at Saint Mary’s Church, Berlin after the death of Rev. Dr. William Kloepfer, C.R.
1915 – September 1921Age 65 – 71Involved in parochial work in Waterloo and Berlin
1916Age 66Completes the work, “The Catholic Church in Waterloo County
Mid September 1921 Father Spetz suffers a paralytic stroke.
After his first paralytic stroke he seemed to be mentally preoccupied and aware of his approaching life’s end, remarking to a friend: “This is the beginning of the end.”
Thus closed the earthly career and usefulness of a many-sided man, who, of humble origin, by unselfish ambition and religious faith attained a few comparatively great objects in his civil and priestly life.
September 27, 1921 Taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Guelph
December 1, 1921
71y, 6m, 19dFather Theobald Spetz dies

Addition information about Fr. Spetz and the history of the Catholic Church in the Waterloo Area can be found in his book: “The Catholic Church in Waterloo County“, written by Fr. Spetz.


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